Workshop Registration and Venue:

"Salon de Grados" room on the last (5th) floor of the Escuela Superior de Ingenieros building. You will enter the building on the "PB" floor. Then follow the indications that will be on display showing the way. You will have to take one of the panoramic lifts in the patio and go to the last floor (marked as 2 in the elevator, it's "PA" on the map).

You can download a map of the building here; the "Salon de Grados" is marked in red.


List of participants

Name Institution
Casado, Antonio KTH Stockholm
Chiesa, Sergio Politecnico di Torino
Esteban, Sergio Universidad de Sevilla
Galinski, Cezary Warsaw University of Technology
Gati, Balazs Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Juracka, Jaroslav Brno University of Technology
Maddaluno, Stefania ALENIA
Martinez-Val, Rodrigo Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Nicolosi, Fabrizio University of Naples "Federico II"
Obert, Ed Technological University Delft
Rivas, Damian Universidad de Sevilla
Ross, Hannes Technical University Munich
Scholz, Dieter University of Applied Sciences Hamburg
Viola, Nicole Politecnico di Torino
Voit-Nitschmann, Rudolf University of Stuttgart
Wagstaff, Paul Kingston University
Young, Trevor University of Limerick
Zhuravlev, Pavel Moscow Aviation Institute
Zhuravlev, Vladimir Moscow Aviation Institute



List of presentations

Name Presentation
Chiesa, Sergio and Viola, Nicole The SAvE Program: technical and educational aspects
Esteban, Sergio and Rivas, Damian Cefiro: An aircraft design project in the University of Seville
Galinski, Cezary Progress in SAMONIT light UAV project
Juracka, Jaroslav IAE experience with student mobility exchanges
Juracka, Jaroslav (for Antonin Pistek) Design philosophy and realization of an experimental aircraft supporting UAV application in civil sector (VUT 001 MARABU)
Maddaluno, Stefania SMAT Project: Advanced Environment Monitoring System based on Unmanned Air Systems
Martinez-Val, Rodrigo Technological aspects of the Seville-Cuba flight in 1933
Nicolosi, Fabrizio Aircraft Design research and teaching activities at University of Naples
Obert, Ed Presentation on 3 books produced by members of TUD
Ross, Hannes Solarimpulse Aircraft
Scholz, Dieter Teaching Aeronautical Engineering with A320 System Simulators at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
Voit-Nitschmann, Rudolf Hydrogenius - Flying with a fuel cell
Young, Trevor Design, Build & Fly: An approach to teaching aircraft design
Zhuravlev, Pavel Design of passenger airplanes taking into account their operation within the fleet
Zhuravlev, Vladimir Comparative analysis of various systems of Aircraft Design education in Europe



Technical programme

May 12 20:00 Welcome cocktail at Tryp Macarena Hotel
May 13 9:00 Workshop registration
  10:00 Opening session (Damián Rivas)
  10:30 Coffee break
  11:30 Presentation #1 Sergio Esteban
  12:00 Presentation #2 Dieter Scholz
  12:30 Presentation #3 Jaroslav Juracka (for Antonin Pistek)
  13:00 Lunch
  15:00 Presentation #4 Nicole Viola
  15:30 Presentation #5 Hannes Ross
  16:00 Coffee break
  16:30 Presentation #6 Stefania Maddaluno
  17:00 Comment by D. Scholz on EWADE relation with READ and CEAS
  20:00 Social Event: Pipe organ concert (Jesús Justo Estebaranz, organist)
  21:30 Special Dinner
May 14 9:30 Presentation #7 Fabrizio Nicolosi
  10:00 Presentation #8 Rudolf Voit-Nitschmann
  10:30 Coffee break
  11:00 Visit to the Aerospace Engineering lab
  11:30 Presentation #9 Ed Obert
  12:00 Presentation #10 Rodrigo Martinez-Val
  12:30 Presentation #11 Vladimir Zhuravlev
  13:00 Site selection for EWADE 2011 (F. Nicolosi, D. Scholtz)
  13:30 Lunch
  15:30 Visit to A400M FAL (San Pablo factory, EADS)
  21:00 Workshop official dinner
May 15 9:30 Presentation #12 Trevor Young
  10:00 Presentation #13 Cezary Galinski
  10:30 Coffee break
  11:00 Presentation #14 Jaroslav Juracka
  11:30 Presentation #15 Pavel Zhuravlev
  12:00 Workshop closure (Damián Rivas)
  13:00 Lunch



Social programme for companions

May 13 9:30

Visit to the Museum of Fine Arts.

Departure from Tryp Macarena Hotel at 9:00

May 14 9:30

Visit to the Alcazares palace.

Departure from Tryp Macarena Hotel.

May 15 9:30

Visit to the Cathedral and Giralda tower.

Departure from Tryp Macarena Hotel.