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The aim of this workshop is to bring together engineers, academicians, scientists, professionals, and students, to discuss and share the ideas about the recent developments in the area of autonomous aerospace vehicle guidance, navigation and control. A huge number of applications for autonomous vehicles are arising both in the civil and military fields which present many challenges in the area of control. The workshop will consider all kinds of aerospace vehicles, suchs UAVs, aircraft, helicopters, missiles, or spacecraft, and applications related to them. In addition to advance guidance, navigation and flight control designs, other related topics within the domain of the workshop include advanced air traffic management and trajectory optimization algorithms, multi-agent systems, spacecraft rendezvous and formation flying, advanced attitude control of spacecraft, flexible structures, decision making and autonomy, flight dynamics identification, deployment, nonlinear dynamics of flight control systems, avionics and onboard control algorithms implementation. Emphasis will also be placed on forthcoming trends. Perspectives and future research projects are welcome, as well as lessons learned in current projects and technologies. This workshop also encourages students to present results of Aerospace control projects.


Universidad de Sevilla
Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería
Aertec Solutions


Main Sponsor IFAC TC7.3 - Aerospace
Co-Sponsor IFAC TC2.3 - Nonlinear Systems
Co-Sponsor IFAC TC2.6 - Distributed Parameter Systems


The definitive social & technical conference programme is already available. See the details of the sessions here.



On Friday an industrial session will be held, with presentations from local firms working in aerospace control and navigation applications (AERTEC Solutions, Skylife Engineering, SolarMEMS Technologies) and global companies with an important presence in Spain (Boeing Research and Technology Europe).

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A technical visits will be offered to the Airbus San Pablo site, which covers a surface of 1,100,000 square meters, including 190,000 square meters of hangars and offices. About 2,000 direct employees work at San Pablo, the location of the Final Assembly Lines (FAL) for the company most renowned products, the A400M and its light and Medium CN235 and C295 transport and surveillance aircraft. Other facilities include the delivery centre and a Training Centre for various Airbus products.


International Program Committee (IPC)

S. N. Balakrishnan (Chair), USA
Houria Siguerdidjane (Vice-Chair), France
Sreenatha Anavatti, Australia
Finn Ankersen, Netherlands
Franco Bernelli, Italy
Dennis Bernstein, USA
Xavier Blasco, Spain
Paolo Castaldi, Italy
Michael Demetriou, USA
Jean de Lafontaine, Canada
Eduardo F. Camacho, Spain
Viktor Fedosov, Czech Republic
John Hauser, USA
Jonathan P. How, USA
Thomas Jones, South Africa
Youdan Kim, Korea
Miroslav Kristic, USA
Marco Lovera, Italy
Robert Mahony, Australia
Tao Meng, China
Thomas Meurer, Germany
Shinichi Nakasuka, Japan
Alexander Nebylov, Russia
Giuseppe Notarstefano, Italy
Radhakant Padhi, India
Helene Piet-Lahanier, France
Christophe Prieur, France
Klaus Schilling, Germany
Eugenio Schuster, USA
Yevgeney Somov, Russia
Emmanuel Trelat, France
Antonios Tsourdos, UK
Damian Rivas, Spain
Rafael Vazquez, Spain
James Ferris Whidborne, UK

National Organizing Committee (NOC)

Rafael Vazquez (Chair)
Eduardo F. Camacho (Co--Chair)
Sergio Esteban (Editor)
José Ángel Acosta
Damian Rivas
Alfonso Valenzuela
Francisco Gavilan
Antonio Franco